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keep up with [英][ki:p ʌp wið][美][kip ʌp wɪð] 赶得上;和…保持联系 双语例句: 1.On one reckoning, in order to keep up with population growth farmers will have togrow more wheat and maize over the next 4...

keep up 1.remain at a high level居高不下;不低落 *Prices have kept up all the year.全年物价一直居高不下。So long as the cost of raw materials keeps up,prices of consumer goods will keep up,too.只要原材料成本不下降,消费品...

B keep up with释义: 1. 跟上 They walked so fast that I could not keep up with them. 他们走得那么快,我没法跟上。 2. 和...保持联系 She has kept up with some of her friends since her retirement. 她退休后一直同一些朋友保持着联系。 ...


keep up with [英][ki:p ʌp wið][美][kip ʌp wɪð] 跟上, 不落人之后; 齐肩并进; 紧跟; 1.This reform effort is failing to keep up with its recovery. 而美国政府这次的改革措施也未能跟上复苏的步伐。 2.Who can k...

这是两个词组: 1、keep up 的意思是:保持;继续;不低落;不落后 Keep up the struggle till you succeed. 继续战斗直到你们取得胜利。 2、keep up with 赶得上;和…保持联系 You try to keep up with the latest and make the smartest choic...

keep up with 英 [ ki:p ʌp wið ] 继续做;熟悉;保持联系; catch up with 英 [ kætʃ ʌp wið ] 追上; 赶上;

keep up with 和catch up with 的区别: keep up with sb------与某人保持一致。 catch up with sb -----强调赶上或超过。

keep 是保持的意思 就不落后 catch是追赶 就你先落后然后赶上的意思


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